Friday, September 2, 2011

My toothpaste is strawberry flavored.

Ash discovered a new Japanese cartoon to watch on Netflix called Sgt. Frog. I started watching it with him today and was greeted by an intro song called "Ribbit March". It's sub-titled and after reading along, I had to sit down and transpose to share with you.

Forward Ho! To conquer Earth!
When I leave home with an umbrella it never rains.
Attenshun! Grit your eyes!!
I forgot to cook rice for the curry.
I pinched my pinky in the closing door.
I hopped on and found it was going the wrong way.
The company trip was a washout.
Ah, dinner is much cheaper if you buy it at the store!!!
Raise our voices high in a victory cheer.
I run to answer the phone and it’s a fax coming in.
Today marks “the first year of the Keroro era”!!!
Sweep a square area in a circle.
Paddle hard shedding sweat and tears.
My toothpaste is strawberry flavored.
Keron is No. 1 in the universe, I think.
Ah, they said it’s five minutes from the station but it’s really fifteen!!!
Well then, soldier men, it’s a job well done!!!

= = =

What just happened?


  1. Now I'm just confused. lol

  2. There must be a hidden message.

  3. Do the characters of that series even brush their teeth!? Hehehe… Kids should watch this. An animated TV series can be a good tool to encourage them to take good care of their teeth. I’m definitely going to recommend this to my candy-sucking nephew!