Friday, May 27, 2011

Living to write and writing to live

I started a blog 10 years ago which I wrote in pretty much every week, sometimes more. In the last two years since twitter and facebook took over, and also 3 kids, I've blogged less and less. I've pretty much abandoned my original blog and sparsely updated this one. When I read my old one, I'm nostalgic. This blog may never be what that one was to me but every day I'm breathing I feel like I need to be writing. Not every post has to be epic, tragic or inspiring. But I must write. (inspired by Attic24, shared by a dear blogger friend)

Today I'm going to get sushi and a mani/pedi with a friend I've known since 2000. We met through work in Maryland which seems sooooo long ago, before I was even a mom which is such a very large part of who I am now. Since then, I've moved to Germany, California, Arizona, Florida and back to California. She was in DC but is originally from Montreal and moved to San Francisco at one point. Now she's married with one kid and a bun in the oven and ended up moving within an hour drive from where we are right before we moved here. Pretty amazing how life brings people together, can separate them and then bring them back together again.

I knitted her a blanket this week for the new baby. 


  1. It's nice to get together with old friends. What an adorable blanket. And I'm glad you were inspired. :)

  2. You're such a great friend and overall awesome person :)