Friday, November 16, 2012

Days 16 & 17

Day 16 - someone who inspires me

I will forever be inspired my daughter. No little girl should be raised to think she is less than who she is. Or to not believe in herself or know she can become whoever she wants to be. I always wanted a little girl so I could raise her to realize how amazing she is and hopefully also be a good influence to other girls. Mina will always inspire me to be the best I can possibly be so she knows she can do it too.

Day 17 - my family

When we get a table at a restaurant and they ask How many? and I say 6, it still blows my mind a little every time. We are now complete.


  1. So sweet. Ms. M has a fantastic example of womanhood to emulate. Yes, 6 is the magic number.

  2. You are such an AMAZING example of positivity and confidence. Mina is has the most amazing role model in you. :)