Thursday, November 29, 2012

Days 27-29

Day 27 - a silly self-portrait
I take hideous self portraits of myself almost every day. Jennie and I send them back and forth randomly throughout the week. So I have oodles but I'll leave you with the gem below when I got Bill involved with my shenanigans.

Day 28 - a skill i'd like to learn
I can sew pretty well by hand and do really basic stuff on a sewing machine. But I'd like to be able to sew actual clothes for Mina. I see the cutest stuff online from brands like Misha Lulu and I want to learn how to do that. It doesn't look that complicated. It's just adorable fabric with sweet embellishments. Maybe I should just take some sewing classes and get myself a newer machine.

Day 29 - something i never tire of
Friends. The show. I could turn it on at any time of day, any episode, and I will watch it. If it was on TV 24-7 I couldn't turn it off. IT Crowd is another show I can watch like this. Actually I feel like watching IT Crowd right now...

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