Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making stuff

1. I never knew what nicknames I'd actually call my kids until they came along. I thought I'd call Mina Mimi but now that she's here I haven't done it. You just don't know what will naturally come out when you meet them and see their little faces and connect with them. I call Holden, Holdeeno. Lucas is Lukey. Ash is Ashie Poo. And now Mina Muffin.
2. Mina slept for 7 1/2 hours straight yesterday! She had been up all morning and afternoon which isn't like her. When she woke up she was in an amazing mood - so alert and engaged with us. I think her tiny brain grew and she turned into a different baby after that sleep. Jennie told me to wake her up because she was afraid she was sleeping too long. But she woke up on her own, hung out with us, pigged out and slept a good night's sleep. So sweet and cheery this morning. And now back to sleep.
3. While she was asleep I was able to finish a bunch of hats I had started. I can whip them up easy throughout the day even with interruptions. But I need some quiet time to do the details like flowers and faces and stuff.
4. Animal Practice got cancelled. I guess no one was watching it because if you had you would've found it hilarious. The last episode with the scene with the monkey and the puppet? I watched it twice.
5. I went to the Salvation Army on 50% off day yesterday and got a big bag of clothes for $27. Jennie is going to use it to make stuff for Mina. And I am going to try to get inspired to do stuff too. My sewing machine is old and beautiful but not easy to use. I like to sew by hand. So we'll see what I come up with. I really like the dresses of Misha Lulu and Matilda Jane and they seem relatively easy to replicate for a fraction of the cost. Plus I've seen some crochet pieces on the Misha Lulu stuff so that's something to explore too.

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  1. I can't wait to see what you guys refashion. I finally unsubscribed from a local Matilda Jane trunk show b/c I realized I was never going to pay so much for stuff that looked like I could make it myself. Not that I'm doing any sewing at the moment, ahem. I like Mina Muffin, adorable nickname. Each of my kids have at least 5. Nia has a nickname that is 6 words long and has to be sung. We are serious about our nicknames over here. ;)