Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kansas City, I love you!

Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome this city is? We've only been here one night and Bill and I are kind of in love with it.

We got in around 6:30 and had dinner with Matt and Vann at Johnny's Tavern. We walked around the Power & Light district then drove around the downtown area and the Plaza. It's so pretty here. The buildings - the architecture ... There's art EVERYWHERE. It's just pretty. I could take a million pictures but I don't think they'd do it justice.

Bill and I caught a late movie at the AMC Cinema Suites and there are literally only 15 seats in the entire theater - comfy big leather seats and full service menu. And as dorky as it sounds I was also impressed with the bathrooms too. I made Bill check out the women's. There were huge individual stalls and each had it's own sink and hand dryer, all styled with different actresses.

We saw 50/50. So sad. SO good.

Tomorrow we're going to Oklahoma Joe's for lunch, then manicures and rehearsal & dinner. Maybe I can squeeze in an hour to go to the art museum.

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  1. OMG!!!
    You're in KC!!! How cool is that?? I'm so happy for Vann & Matt, I be it's going to be super fun. Post more pictures :)