Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Funvember? I don't know if that really works...

Anyway this is our last quiet week until the fun starts.

Nov 10 - big school fundraiser that I've been working on for a month
Nov 11 - No school! Disneyland
Nov 12 - meeting up with Kathrin a Xanga friend from Germany who will be in LA
Nov 13-16 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for work - staying here
Nov 16 - my dad and his wife arrive!
Nov 17-20 - San Francisco
Nov 23-26 - Thanksgiving in Phoenix

So much fun stuff going on. Gonna be epic!!


  1. How did those people steal photos of my house?! Lol. Amazing!

  2. Omg wow. Super busy month for you. This wacked out weather bc I am trying to think when we can take Franco Dean to Disneyland next. Darn rain clouds I hope you guys have fun regardless!!!