Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thinking of Fall already

I've been delaying posting since we got back from vacation because I'm overwhelmed trying to catch up on the last few weeks via blog. I think I'm just going to skip it. We had a wonderful vacation, it was a beautiful wedding, I posted lots of pictures and updates to facebook so there you have that. Moving on to new things (are you okay with this? I think I am.) ...

Today is going to be a bullet post and I'm going to get back on track tomorrow with regular posting. Getting this out of the way.

  • Did I already say it was an awesome wedding? Well it was.
  • Booked our hotel in Kansas City for Vann's wedding. Just need to get plane tickets but seeing them for $200 a piece roundtrip so that's pretty cool. Can't wait to see Vann and Matt again, and watch another happy wedding.
  • Looking forward to SuperJenn's wedding in September. We don't have to travel far for this one. Gotta shop for a dress!
  • Planning another trip to Boston in November with Jennie and Beth this time too! Wardrobe planning is #1 priority for this one. Compiling lists of style inspirations. Yep.
  • Getting a haircut today. I'm totally not showing you guys a picture of what I'm getting in case you think I'm joking and yell at me not to get it. It's going to be good though. I promise. I WILL post a pic after.
  • I've been on a mad crocheting hat spree. Made one for Bill, one for me, two for Allison's daughters, one for my Dad and working on another for me. This may be a hat Christmas instead of a scarf Christmas this year. I hope everyone likes hats.
  • My birthday is in 15 days. I know what I want but Bill is getting me something I didn't ask for, although it's probably something I asked for before that we both forgot about it until now. This may actual be a surprise even though of course I've been guessing because I'm a ruiner of surprises. I know he's not getting me boots though so I'm listing that at the top of my wishlist. I like these.
This color is cognac but I like every color. In case you were wondering.

Okay that's enough bullet updating for today. More real posting tomorrow.


  1. i am also thinking of fall already. i think spectacular boots like those will be the first thing i buy after the wedding. I LOOOOOOOVE THOSE BOOTS!!!

    I can't wait for u to come here. im so excited that airline tix are only about $200!

  2. Love the boots. I have a few riding-ish pairs that I love, but I'm always looking for more.

  3. i saw some boots at Nordys in a similar color and I died. my last purchase were a gray pair that i'm wearing right now! i love them but now i'm daydreaming about a brown pair too! ahh my bday is in 2 months i can't decide new purse or boots! ha ha
    glad you're doing awesome!! HUGS

  4. i commented on your comment to my milk glass but for some reason I dont think it prompts or alerts anyone when I respond. that's annoying.

    the milk glass came from my mom's cousin who scoured garage sales and thrift stores in arkansas for them and also becky, my sister in law who is in the wedding. I only found 1 LOL. i owe it all to them!

    and that dress i was wearing in that pic came from Target! They have like 4 diff patterns and colors and i love them ALL. they are $20!