Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The joy of reading

When I was little, I read ALL THE TIME. And I mean, every second that I could squeeze into my life.

At bedtime, I would have a flashlight tucked away under my pillow so I could read under the covers. If I was brave enough, I'd sneak into the closet and read. I always got caught but it was worth it. Although I never really got into trouble over it, except for the lectures from my Mom about hurting my eyes. (Hence, glasses by age 11.)

Car trips were my favorite because it meant that I had more time to read. I couldn't bring a flashlight for night-time driving since it was too distracting for my Dad. But I read until the very last ray of light filled the sky.

At school, I'd finish my work early just so I had time to read at my desk. Sometimes we'd be assigned to read from a page from our textbooks and I'd go ahead and read the entire chapter. Once I finished that, I'd hold my textbook up and read my own book inside of it.

Now almost 34 years old, I almost feel like that little girl again having to sneak in time to read because I have so much else to do.

Lately I've been reading on my iPhone because it's handy when I'm waiting at the DMV or sitting with the kids while they watch Power Rangers. But I enjoy actual books more. I just finished reading Hunger Games - a real book and everything! I bought Catching Fire and Mockingjay yesterday at Target, which I plan to read this week while on "vacation" in Phoenix. And for this short episode in my semi-hectic life, I will read uninterrupted.

And it will be awesome.


  1. I'm totally reading nonstop lately too. Partly because this Goodreads site is giving me lots of good recommendations!

  2. I love reading on my phone! It's awesome when Rick wants to sleep at night, so I don't want to leave the table light on anymore, but I want to get some reading in. Voila!

    Cute pic for sure.

  3. I usually read two or three books at a time. And I always have one in my car for "emergencies". For the past couple of years I have been into audio books. The boys usually watch a DVD in the car, so audio books keep me from going insane while listening to Spongebob for the millionth time! I didn't think I'd like it, but some books are even better on audio. Harry potter is fantastic. So was The Help. Anyway I can squeeze in another book is fine by me!!!

  4. I was that kid too. I was obsessed with The Chronicles of Narnia and watching Gone with the Wind on video and reading at the same time. It's still the kind of movie I can watch over and over again.

    I am guilty now of only wanting to read autobiographies or baby books. What to expect the first year is my Bible right now.
    Ohh, I am reading A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel right now. I can relate to her and am considering actually buying that book. *Dan and I don't own that many books, we're all over our library.

  5. I love reading too. I'm an e-reader holdout. I love the feel and smell of real books. I have books in various states of completion strewn about the house, in my car, and purse...

  6. How luxurious! I think if I had a few moments to read a book without having to lock myself in the bathroom... it would be like a day in the spa!