Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting mail and school annoyances

I love sending mail and getting mail.

Getting a letter or even a small little package in the mail just brightens even the gloomiest day and makes a good day even better.

Yesterday I started feeling sick (and still sick today, wah wah waaaah) but I got a little package in the mail with a beautiful new ring in it from

Today I'm sending:
  • a book to a fellow bibliophile friend in Virginia (will post a pic after she gets it)
  • a knitting book I had out on loan from a sock-knitting grandmother in Portland
  • William & Kate magazines and another little surprise to a friend in Malaysia
  • a handmade veil made by a friend for a soon-to-be-bride in Oklahoma
  • a crochet bag for an old friend in Florida (she's not old, we've just been friends for a long time, unless you think 34 is old then yeah, she's old)
  • this one is not as fun, but i'm sending a charm back to have it fixed so I can add 3 new beautiful charms with my boys' names and birthdays to my charm bracelet, excited to get this one back so I don't just have one charm on my bracelet (will post a pic when it's done)
{I sent a little poem and a tiny gift to a friend in Arkansas this week but I can't post a pic until she receives it}

= = =

I just went to school for a Volunteer Appreciation dessert get-together right before Luc's school starts so I had him and Ash with me. And the woman in charge actually blocked my way to the library and told me no kids were allowed. Usually things like this don't bother me because I can understand the reasoning and it's not a big deal anyway. But this really pissed me off and hurt my feelings.

I'm a mom of 3 kids, 2 of which go to this school. I work part-time. And I still am the room mom for Holden's class and volunteer Thursdays in Luc's class. I volunteer at almost every single event and donate lots of time and money to that school. Yet they couldn't allow me to go in for a few minutes with my kid to sit with his teacher and talk. They said they even turned away another mom earlier with her kid. Nowhere on the invite did it say "NO KIDS ALLOWED AT SCHOOL". Not to mention that this woman had the nerve to actually stand in my way as I was walking into the room. Although I did go in anyway to say hi to Luc's teacher and listen to her get fired up about it too. Still she couldn't convince them otherwise either. Putting together a letter to drop off at the principal's office later today. Just need to omit the expletives.

Wearing my new ring to calm me down.

And at least I had this little guy to cheer me up who snuck away with a lollipop.

Day 3's creativity project will be posted later today.

Here's my attempt at this DIY shirt-making. I made it too small. Too much mom gut showing. Oh well. I'll try again with another shirt another day.


  1. Getting mail is one of life's treats. Unless it's bills then it's life's pain in the a$$. I've seen that ring before somewhere online. It's neat!

    Those type of teachers are one of the reasons I didn't like elementary school. They love pointless rules.

  2. I like seeing you on here all of the time...feels nostalgic!

    How can they not let any kids in at a school function??? I know at certain times they prefer parents only, but they have to sympathize with someone who can't come without.

    That lollipop would make me feel were able to share, right?

  3. I love getting mail too. The kids school here would do the same thing. What a bunch of crap! :-/

  4. It looks perfect on you! Not too small and not too be big.

  5. I am behind! I love this shit!